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As far as I know you’ve got no interest in being anything less than a future wife to my boyfriend so if you could back the fuck off cuz he’s mine! thatd be great thanks!😘

The fact that my boyfriend can tell there’s something wrong over text and my dad can’t tel when I’m standing right in front of me is pretty depressing.

He’s just so supportive. No matter what I’m doing. He is always cheering for me to do well and better myself.
It’s so amazing to have that one person who I can always count on no matter what. Even if he might not always be able to physically be there for me, he’s there.
He always wants me to do the right thing and the last thing he wants is me to get in trouble for something. He wants me to be a good person.
He’s always open to talk about anything. And I mean anything. If I want to talk about it he wants to listen. Take the other day for example. He hates drama but that’s what was going on in my life that day so he wanted to hear about it.
He’s thoughtful. While I was gone he wrote me letters about things that happened in his day even if nothing significant happened that day. Just like he did when I went to outdoor school. And just like I’m sure he’ll do many times in the future.
He is a good person. Although it may not always be exciting having a guy that follows the rules it’s what a mature guy would do. It doesn’t make him boring. It makes him even more like the man I dreamt I’d marry when I was younger.
I feel like I never have to hide anything from him because no matter what he’s gunna be there for me. I don’t know what I’d do with out him. I’d be lost.

I seriously can’t wait till you leave! He doesn’t even like you but I still feel like you’re my biggest competition. Being in love with my boyfriend is my job. So stop. We used to be friends. Crazy how life works. Just a few weeks till you’re gone. I know you’ll be back but it will be to late for you.